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The award-winning
employee referral
& reward app

For organisations in aged & acute care, community & disability support and early childhood education & care

Modernise and turbocharge your employee referral program.

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Why Care Friends?

Finding staff is a major challenge. Agency spending is escalating and services are impacted.
Everyone is fishing in the same candidate pool.


Employee referral is the proven best source of high-performing employees,
but a hassle to administer and hard to keep top-of-mind with staff.

As a result, they only deliver a fraction of their true potential.

Helping clients tap into the best source of staff

saving them job board, overtime and agency costs.

It’s time to modernise

Whether you already have a (spreadsheet or paper-based) referral policy in place or are starting from scratch, Care Friends takes employee referral into the 21st century.

Modernise white bg

Referral via Care Friends is different!

Care Friends turbocharges referrals by using micro-rewards, gamification and automation.

Referral management portal
Referral Portal
The referral portal manages everything referral and bonus point related so you can ditch the spreadsheet.
Referral management portal
Once a job is made available, relevant employees are notified. This helps keep referral top of mind.
Referral management portal
Simple to use
The app is co-designed with clients and employees to ensure it's super simple to use with no training required.
Share jobs via native share function
Easily share jobs
Easily share jobs via the phone's native share function; SMS, WhatsApp, Social Media, email and more!
Referral management portal
Rewards and fun
Care Friends uses reward psychology and gamification to make referring fun and keep referrals coming.
Referral management portal
Stay informed
The referring employee is kept up to date of referral progress and won't have to bother the recruiter for updates.
Referral management portal
Redeem rewards
Employees choose when to cash in their points and the portal keeps track of all requests.
Share jobs via native share function
View your organisation's referral success, app user registrations and never forget a payment.

Easily Recognise and Reward your staff

Instantly recognise staff via Bonus Points.

Referral management portal
Reward categories
Create reward categories with fixed points and suggested wording or keep it variable.
Share jobs via native share function
One or more
Reward an individual, multiple employees, by location or the whole organisation in one go.
Referral management portal
Bonus Point Budgets
Allocate monthly bonus point budgets for autonomy with oversight.
Referral management portal
Instant reward
The employee is notified instantly of their reward with a personalised message.

Care Friends works!

Calculate how Care Friends can help you recruit

Which equals XXXX vacancies annually

With participation from your employees, Care Friends can help your organisation achieve*

XXX job offers via employee referrals, or

XX% of your annual recruitment task

And those new, referred, employees are likely to stay 50% longer than new starters from other recruitment sources!*

*based on actual averages and results from current Care Friends users


For your organisation

  • Improve tenure and reduce staff turnover
  • Reduced overtime and agency costs
  • Tap into your local communities.
  • Money spent on your staff instead of externally

For your employees

  • Easy-to-use app codesigned with employees
  • Earn rewards for each step of the process, not just for successful hires
  • Stay motivated and engaged by earning extra bonus points for good performance
  • Easily keep track of how many points/cash they have earned
  • Leaderboard makes referring fun and competitive

For recruitment

  • Generate a regular flow of high-quality candidates
  • Save time through automation
  • Easily share jobs with employees
  • Build trust with staff by not overlooking a referral payment
  • Integrates with many recruitment systems

Case studies

Great success

Before Care Friends, employee referral was not seen as contributing to Bolton Clarke’s sourcing strategy, because it only delivered a trickle of candidates. After 18 months of using Care Friends, new hires via employee referral has increased to an average of 21% of new hires!

After a year with Care Friends, Bolton Clarke averaged 80 referred candidates each month. 40% of these referrals were new to the care sector and the retention rate of referred employees was significantly higher.

Huge reduction in agency spend

Clayton Church Homes (CCH) in Adelaide already had a casual employee referral program in place for their 400 staff, but its results were inconsistent.

After modernising their program with Care Friends their new hires via referral skyrocketed and they are now sourcing 100% of care and related roles via their own staff.

Their ROI was gained from a huge reduction in agency staff as well as job board costs. Turnover on referred employees is sitting at less than 5%.

An untapped channel

Infinite Care has seen significant growth whilst facing the same workforce challenges others are facing in the sector. They did not have an employee referral program in place before launching one with Care Friends in July 2022.

Since their launch, they are receiving on average 58 referred candidates each month of which 10 are hired. Staff turnover among these referred employees was just 6.5% after 6 months of tenure. Referral via Care Friends is giving them huge commercial and operational benefits.

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What is the pricing model for Care Friends?

Care Friends is offered as an annual licence which is based on your organisation’s headcount. Book a chat to get a quote and possible ROI for your organisation.

Does Care Friends integrate with my ATS?

Likely! We use as our integration middleware provider which enables easy integration with over 40 Applicant Tracking Systems (and ever-growing), including Workday, JobAdder, SuccessFactors, Taleo, Smart Recruiters and Cornerstone. Check if yours is listed here.

Can I customise the reward points?

Yes you can! Care Friends boost referrals, because employees are rewarded for the action that matter: sharing jobs. They no longer have to wait for their referred friend to start work or reach probation to get their pay-out. With Care Friends, as their referred friend makes it further into the recruitment process, the employee receives increasingly larger rewards. This type of reward psychology via microrewards not only boosts referrals, it also makes referring fun. You decide the breakdown of the total referral reward over the different stages. Care Friends also allows for different rewards for different jobs.

Can I have different rewards for different jobs?

Yes, you can! This is super handy if you feel that certain vacancies can use an extra boost. Clients use different reward tariffs for volunteers, casuals and hard-to-fill roles.

Can I try before I buy?

We do not offer a free trial of Care Friends as most of the work is front-loaded and most successful if our guided launch planning is followed. However, we do offer paid trials for enterprise clients who want to trial Care Friends on a smaller part of the business, often a select number of sites. Contact us to discuss this.

How do I launch Care Friends to my employees?

With our help. We will guide you through the launch planning and the launch itself via simple and structured regular emails as well as a couple of (fun) planning meetings.  Your Client Success Manager is by your side, supporting you when needed. This guided launch planning takes a lot of the work away from your desk and ensures all aspects are covered for a successful launch.

How much time does it take to launch Care Friends?

The launch of Care Friends has two easy steps:

  1. The launch planning. This is the time where, with our guidance, you start to communicate to the business about Care Friends. You will introduce the new referral program to your employees and build excitement for the app. Our step-by-step guidance planning ensures you cover all bases for a smooth and complete launch planning. This step can take from two weeks to a bit longer, depending on your organisation.
  2. The launch itself. This is the moment your employees are able to download the app and start sharing!

How secure is Care Friends?

Very secure! Care Friends is built with the latest security protocols in mind. The platform can be set up with different sites and different permissions. You also control which employees can take part in your organisation’s referral scheme.

Can I change the look and feel of the app?

The app can be customised in your colour scheme and you can add your own text, images, videos and logos to your jobs. You can also customise the notifications that go out to app users and add your own referral policy rules. We will guide you through this to ensure that the app feels totally “yours” for your employees.

How can staff refer a friend?

Easily, via three taps on their phone. They choose the job for which they want to refer a friend and share it using the innate share function on their mobile. Most often this is via a text message, WhatsApp or social media. It’s all supported!


We offer two annual licence options to turbocharge your employee referral program.
Cost is based on your organisation’s headcount.


  • Recruiter portal + App for employees

  • App branding

  • Referral + custom notifications

  • Different referral rewards for different jobs

  • Reward & Recognition functionality (Bonus Points)

  • Number of portal users

  • Flexible permissions

  • Additional sign on security (SSO or MFA)

  • Chat + email and phone support

  • App user boost program frequency

  • Super User Training

  • E-learning training modules

  • Webinar style training for other stakeholders

  • Basic insights and portal exports

  • Advanced analytics with benchmarking


  • Y
  • Default colours
  • Y
  • One standard tariff
  • N
  • Unlimited
  • Y
  • N
  • Y
  • Once per year
  • 1 person
  • N
  • N
  • Y
  • N


  • Y
  • Custom colours
  • Y
  • Multiple tariffs
  • Y
  • Unlimited
  • Y
  • Y
  • Y
  • Quarterly
  • Multiple
  • Y
  • Y
  • Y
  • Y

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